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Cheap (but Effective!) Marketing Techniques for Your Local Small Business

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Marketing your business enables you to get customers and thus ensure the success of your business. Marketing is often all about spending money to get money and therefore for big businesses this is not usually an area of much concern as they have enough of a marketing budget.

For a small business with little or no marketing budget, that should not really be a big worry too. The reason being that it is possible to still effectively market your business in a cheaper manner.

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Since as a small business you may not be in a position to spend on radio ads, mass mailings, and billboards, you are required to find marketing techniques that are not only cheap but also effective. Consequently, here are some of the inexpensive and effective marketing techniques for your small business.

I. Creating a Professional-Looking Website.

If your small business does not have a professional website then you have to create one. Having a professional website helps for the purpose of enhancing the online visibility of your business and establishing credibility. Having a website is also important because it can be accessed from any location of the world as long as there is a reliable internet connection.
To ensure that people see the site for possible access; you can simply add the address of the business website in pamphlets and brochures. Moreover, you are required to list your particular business in virtually all web directories to increase the chances of your business being found.

II. Awesome business cards.

Professional business cards for your business should be dished out to any possible person you come into contact with. Every handshake should be accompanied by a business card. A business card is able to inform potential customers about the presence of your business and also provide the contact or location details that they may need.

III. Social media marketing

There are various social media platforms available including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Therefore, as a small local business, you have to harness their potential as marketing channels.

Social media channels allow you to interact with your customers and avail or promote your products or services. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are top social media marketing channels that allow paid advertising. You are able to set your ads to target an audience that is specifically based on online behavior, location, sex, age, and other factors.

IV. Become a regular radio guest

There are many radio channels that exist and you can be a regular guest in any radio station that you choose for the purpose of promoting your business to potential customers. Radio still presents a cheap and effective means of marketing compared to other marketing channels including television.

V. Email marketing

Email marketing is often described as the cornerstone of online or digital marketing. Email marketing can enable you to not only to entice potential customers to engage with your business but also to maintain existing customer relationships. A new website visitor can be enticed to sign up for a newsletter by providing a bonus content, a webinar seat, a free trial service or a coupon for subscribing.

VI. Partnering with other businesses

It is a fact that singular effort is not as effective when compared with teamwork. By two businesses combining their resources, they would be in a better position to achieve things that they may not have been able to accomplish on their own.

It is advised that you partner with a business operating in your local area. The goal is that you are able to agree on an arrangement that is mutually beneficial to both parties. For example, free coffee vouchers can be offered by a coffee shop to customers of a plumbing company.

VII. Speak at local events

Speaking at popular events in your local area can help in establishing and maintaining your business as an authority. You can start by speaking at smaller events and mastering your public speaking art to be able to eventually get invitations to speak at events that are larger.

Other types of events that can provide you with a great platform for speaking include schools, churches, business networking groups, and local clubs.

VIII. Publish great and relevant content

You can publish great content on your business blog or website and link to the content shared on the different social media accounts of the business. Great content will encourage more sharing from one reader to another and thus increase the marketing of your business. If you cannot write great content then you can use the service of a member of your team or even use the services of the many freelance writing websites available.

In conclusion, whether you choose online or offline marketing techniques such as the ones provided here, one thing you are guaranteed is that your local business will be able to attract new clients and customers. It is also important to note that the techniques offered here are not exhaustive and the ones you choose to use may depend on your particular business niche.